6 Min HIIT


For each exercise do   20 Seconds Workout

                                     10 Seconds Rest


A. Alternating Lunges

B. Squat Jumps

C. Reverse Crunches


(4) rounds continuous for 6 min total workout.


Do this workout (3) times in a row w/

1 min rest B/W sets for a 20 min

awesome workout session.


*more workouts to come...

Try out this workout challenge!

Use the timer on this page to keep you on track.


Please read Doctor's Advice before you try any exercise!

Try to keep good form. Do not let your knee protrude beyond your front foot. Notice the front leg is at a good 90°. Make sure you step out far enough and don't tighten your stance. To do this exercise you will step out into the lunge with one leg, come back up to standing then step out alternating with the other leg... Repeat this motion...

Don't jump too high at first. Try to land on the balls of your feet. For good form here, again, try to minimize your knees from protruding beyond you feet. Push your rear end back and lean forward ever so slightly.


Modified version for beginners, just squat down, even just a little will engage your quads. Use a chair if you have to. Reach down and stand up with

your arms high.

Rock your knees up towards your chin. Keep your arms by your side on the ground. Make sure your bottom comes up off the ground for each rep. and try not to let your feet touch when you come back down. This stoping motion will engage your abs even more.

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